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David Michael Moore. Illustrator for Speakers & Thought-Leaders

David Michael Moore: Illustrator for Speakers & Thought-Leaders

Specialize as a Freelance Illustrator There are many reasons to pick a niche as a creative freelancer. Clients trust experts, word of mouth works better, and your marketing becomes more straightforward. For your inspiration, and to give you a little push to specialize, I interview freelance creatives who have chosen their niche. Meet David Michael

4 Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives

4 Twitter Marketing Ideas for Freelance Creatives

Any freelance creative could use some of these Twitter marketing ideas. The no. 1 and no. 2 tips are particularly useful for freelance illustrators, designers, photographers and any other creative who creates visuals! 1. Illustrate Someone Else’s Tweet David Michael Moore, a freelance illustrator, surprises his prospects with artwork tailored to their tweet. Mostly, he just

Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives

Twitter: 17 Pre-Built Prospect Lists for Freelance Creatives

Build a Killer Prospect List in No-Time! The first thing to do when prospecting is to look for people you want to connect with. It means actually building lists of prospects, and such research easily consumes a lot of time. I’ve done that for you. The best thing you can find while researching are ready-made lists

How I Cut Social Media Marketing to 30 Minutes a Day

How I Cut Social Media Marketing to 30 Minutes a Day

No doubt about it. Social media marketing can easily become a time-suck. Luckily I’ve found tools for finding and sharing quality content almost without effort. This blog post exactly describes the social media marketing tools and my process to manage Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and (futurewise) LinkedIn in 30 minutes or less a day. (more…)

How a graphic designer searches Twitter for new clients

How to Search Twitter for New Design Clients

Find Your Keywords Type the below text in the Twitter search box: -http ? “graphic designer” This search will return questions being asked on the subject of “graphic designer”. (more…)