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Blog Commenting Case Study 26 Comments. 2,208 Visits.

Blog Commenting Case Study: 26 Comments Drove 2,208 Visits

Exactly How Blog Commenting Builds Traffic A freelance creative “must” start a blog. Freelance sites and marketing coaches tell you it’s great for personal branding and generating inquiries. It’s likely true, but what if no one ever sees your carefully crafted blog posts..? Leaving comments on other websites can be a powerful way to drive targeted traffic to

Using Speaking to Market Your Creative Services

Using Speaking to Market Your Creative Services

Case Study: The “Brand Spark” Workshop If you know your ideal audience, creating an informative workshop that helps them to solve their problems can set you apart by showing you are a specialist in your field. It’s a good idea to always have an event to invite your potential design clients to. Molly Mason, is a freelance web

What Do You Look for In an Illustrator. Self-Promotion by Freelance Illustrator Dawn Schreiner.

Self-Promotion for Illustrators: Making Contact the Dawn Schreiner Way

I’ll Show You Mine, And You Show Me Yours What’s the best self-promotion for illustrators? How can you get through to busy creative directors and art directors? You can try to attract their attention by tweeting interesting stuff on Twitter. You can send promo postcards. Alternatively, you can try a more direct one-to-one approach as today’s interviewee does. Dawn Schreiner is

4 Call to Action Examples. How to Convert Newsletter Subscribers to Design Clients.

Call to Action Examples for Creative Freelancers

How to Convert Newsletter Subscribers to Design Clients To make your newsletter marketing to pay out you must include an attractive call to action. What is a call to action (CTA)? It’s the piece in your newsletter where you instruct your reader what to do next. The best call-to-action is to offer the potential client something 100 % useful. An offer

Trifold Postcard Self-Promotion by Illustrator Nick Iluzada

Illustrator Nick Iluzada’s Postcard Promo

Learn the Takeaways of His Postcard Promo Nick Iluzada is a NYC based freelance illustrator who has worked with clients like AT&T, The Oprah Magazine, ESPN and The Wall Street Journal. In early 2012 Nick sent out a trifold postcard promo to 1,000 people. The Lab featured Nick’s postcard as a good example in Going Postal. What to Consider when Designing a