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Blog Commenting Case Study 26 Comments. 2,208 Visits.

Blog Commenting Case Study: 26 Comments Drove 2,208 Visits

Exactly How Blog Commenting Builds Traffic A freelance creative “must” start a blog. Freelance sites and marketing coaches tell you it’s great for personal branding and generating inquiries. It’s likely true, but what if no one ever sees your carefully crafted blog posts..? Leaving comments on other websites can be a powerful way to drive targeted traffic to

Direct Outreach Calculator. How Much Outreach to Do to Hit Your Sales Goals

Direct Outreach Calculator for Freelancers, Coaches & Consultants

How Much Outreach to Do to Hit Your Sales Goals? What yearly income do you want in your freelance business? $100,000? More? Less? No matter how much sales you want, it all starts with getting in front of people. The question is how many? Enter a sales goal and 5 other key facts! My spreadsheet will calculate