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Finding Your Design Niche: 50+ Real-Life Examples

50+ Design Niches Actually Picked

Finding Your Design Niche - Real-Life Examples.

As a freelance creative you have good reasons for specializing your business. Many pick a design niche to specialize in.

For inspiration and to see what is possible, check out these niche design businesses. They are all freelance businesses (or small design studios) run by real-life, established graphic designers, illustrators or web designers. Do you want even more niche examples? Download this list of 200+ creative niches!

Targeted Design NicheExample  
AviationJim Gormancreative director
Bars and restaurantsMelissa Pricegraphic designer
Book coversScarlett Rugersgraphic designerinterview
Brand identity designDavid Aireygraphic designer
Business cartoonsTed Goffcartoonist
Charcoal animal drawings Shelagh McNicholasillustrator
ChurchesBenjamin Smithgraphic/web designer
Concept artDrew Lewisillustrator
Conceptual illustrationJustin Renteriaillustrator
Digital vector maps and landscapesAlex Mathersillustrator
Direct response marketingDan Meyergraphic designer
Drupal websitesTrevor Lee Reynoldsweb designer
Editorial illustrationsChristoph Niemannillustrator
Etsy/Artfire sellersStephanie Williamsweb designer
Feminine, luxury graphic/web designDianne Kennedygraphic/web designer
Feminine WordPress themes on the Genesis frameworkLindsey Rielweb designer
FilmElliot Cardonagraphic designerinterview
FilmmakingAnnie Atkinsgraphic designer
Food packagingHans Samuelssongraphic designer
Hand letteringDina Rodriguezillustrator
Head shotsMartin Richardsonphotographer
HorsesCarolynne Smithgraphic/web designer
Humorous illustrationMark Armstrongillustrator
HuntingNick Holmesgraphic designerinterview
IconsKyle Adamsweb designer
Illustrations for the children's marketGerald Kelleyillustrator
Illustrations for speakers and thought-leadersDavid Michael Mooreillustratorinterview
Illustrations in the style of classical oil-paintingSam Sprattillustrator
InfographicsJack Hagleygraphic designer
Intricate, hand-drawn, black and white illustrationsJohanna Basfordillustrator
Joomla websitesAlex Gomezweb designer
Liquor branding & package designChad Michaelgraphic designer
Live digital caricatures at B2B trade showsJulia Kellyillustrator
Logo designIan Pagetgraphic designer
Manga graphic novelsSara E. Mayhewillustrator
Minimalist designJustin Page Woodgraphic designerinterview
Mixed martial artsDan Burgess & Lee Southgraphic/web designer
Mountain- and rock-climbing photographyDan Burgess & Lee South
MotorTim Huttongraphic designer
Photographers (websites)Alex Vitaweb designerinterview
Photographers (brand identity)Danielle Curriergraphic designer
Powerpoint presentationsLaura M Foleygraphic designer
Promotional productsMarty Daleygraphic designerinterview
Small businessesRhonda Browngraphic designer
Sports identity designJohn Hartwellgraphic designerinterview
StoryboardsRyan Keith Harrisillustrator
Targeting US clients from abroadAlberto Kaiser Sosa web designerinterview
Technical illustrationsJames Provostillustratorinterview
Theatrical advertisingJaime Vallésgraphic designerinterview
Travel and current affairsGeorge Butlerillustrator
WargamingSean Turtlegraphic designerinterview
Web design for creative businessesJill Andersongraphic designer
WinePere Pagàgraphic designerinterview

Want to dive even deeper into creative niches? Read Finding Your Niche: When Graphic Design Really Pays OffThe Niche Notebook, or To Specialize or Not to Specialize?

Do you know a freelancer targeting a very specific design niche? Perhaps you are a highly specialized designer yourself? Please share your niche by leaving a comment!


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  1. Niche is good, but usually companies and clients want more than one design.
    Sometimes they even can not engage if you are not a one-stop-shop.. :)

    It’s the designers dilemma..

  2. What a great resource! Thanks for putting this together. Maybe you’ll consider adding me for Hand Lettering? It’s a pretty tight niche considering all I create is hand rendered typography. Although now a days thanks to its popularity there are even tighter niches like hand lettered logo designs or hand lettering for advertising or book covers.

    1. Thanks, Dina! I’ll add you for “hand lettering.” Do you happen to know any good examples of creatives that are working in the even tighter niches you mentioned?

  3. Enjoyed reading your article, my niche is hand painted designs printed onto fabric and created into beautiful home furnishings. My business depends on original pattern design and artwork.

  4. Is there any webdesign company specializing in event planners?

    I see webdesign companies specializing in restaurants, law firms, pet stores, coaches but didn’t one specifically serving event planners.

    1. Hi, Anoop! I’m sure there is, even if I haven’t seen any yet. However, targeting event planners is a very good idea. They make excellent business partners, referrers, resellers, and sources of repeat business. To get you started, check out this list of 100 event planners (scroll down the page). :)

  5. HI Tomas,

    Since talking to you I got a few event planners on board.

    Now I am planning a specific website serving webdesign for event planners soon, but can’t decide the domain name.

    I think putting the word Eventplanner in the domain will make it standout when compared to generic designers. For example eventwebpros.com or Eventsitesthatwork.com.

    Would you like to bounce any idea and help me decide on the website name?

  6. Hi Tomas. It would be good if you could add “Your Fight Site” (yourfightsite.com) under “Pro Wrestling”. It’s been operating for a few years now and built a long list of clients in a niche industry.

  7. These are awesome ideas! We used to only do identity systems for companies , now we offer the whole one stop shop aspect of an agency.

    We enjoy it for the monthly services we offer our clients, but we sure do miss the simplicity (thefourdesign.com/nimbold) that comes with managing one part of a company’s design needs.

    Maybe it’s time for an offshoot :)

    Thanks for the inspiration

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