Flaunt My Design. Tomas Fransson.

The Short Version

Flaunt My Design is about marketing for freelance creatives.

Flaunt My Design is run by Tomas Fransson.

It’s me on the picture.

Who Tomas is

I’m an online advertising consultant turned exhibition designer turned online marketer. My first seven years as a professional I did marketing and sales – high and low. The next seven years I did exhibition design. So, first marketing, then design, and now I want to help you to market your design skills.

Why have I launched this site?

My ambition is to offer real help to you as graphic designer finding and keeping new design clients. I want you to focus on the work you love, graphical design, and not wasting valuable time on the work you hate (and maybe don’t even know how to do properly).

Luckily I love both marketing and marketing technology. And, I want to help.

My ambition is to help you find new design clients and boost steady work with very little effort on your part. Maybe as little as one hour per week, and I will tell you exactly what to do.

Let me help you, and you will be free from thinking about, learning, creating, managing and maintaining the ins and outs about marketing strategy, marketing plans, marketing technology as email marketing systems, search engine optimization, sales funnels and such.

Basically, you only feed us with the thing you care about the most – your graphic design. The rest will be taken care of by me, my team and our technology.

What makes me do this?

My reason for doing this is twofold.

First, I launch this business much of the same the reasons why you are a freelance graphic designer. Love. I want to focus on the work I love. Basically I love marketing (especially online marketing), I love the internet and information technology (especially the way these technologies can help you market your work), and finally, like you, I love design (especially graphical design, illustration, web design and photography). Basically, I love the same things you love. I genuinely think a designed world is a better world to live in, and I want to contribute. These things make me tick.

Secondly, I love the flexibility of having your own business, being your own boss.

I have the same hopes and pains as you have.

I want to help. Together we will spread some more beauty into the world. To be very specific – your design.

Is Flaunt My Design for you?

You Are a Graphic Designer. You Have a Few Clients

Happy Graphic Designers

Your design business has had a good start, but you need more clients and more steady work. You are now thinking about the next step. How do you get more clients? How do you get better clients? How do you stimulate your current clients to hand you design work more often?

To You Graphic Design Is a Calling

You are passionate about your own art work. You are also passionate about your industry. When your workload is high you gladly refer business to other graphical designers. The same thing when the fit between your skills and the client’s need is less than perfect.

You truly believe that a designed world is a better place to live in.

Graphic Design Is Your Love, but You Do View Your Freelancing as a Business

You do expect to get paid. It’s not a pro bono thing. Ultimately, you even aim at hitting the best paid strata of the freelance market. You have an entrepreneurial mindset. You are a professional, and you want to work with professionals.

You Are a Solopreneur, and You Want to Grow Your Business

You are open to manage project teams, but you intend to remain a solopreneur. Actually, the thought of having employees (or being employed) is close to unthinkable. You are your own boss. You plan your own day. You want to choose your projects, to pick your clients with care.

You Are Fully Committed to Make It as a Freelance Graphic Designer

You take a long-term approach growing your design skills and your business. You are in it for the long haul, full-time.

You Do Realize That You Need to Promote Both Your Art Work and Yourself

From a marketing point of view you are fully aware that you need to plant today to harvest tomorrow.

You also realize, at least on an intuitive level, that to hit the best paid strata of the freelance community you need to specialize.

However, you don’t want to learn the ins and outs of marketing, e g marketing strategy, search engine optimization, email marketing etc. Doing marketing actually pains you a little. You need help. Doing actual sales work pains you even more – think about cold calling for a second.

The purpose of Flaunt My Design is to help you get paid to create beauty.

We want you to focus on creating.